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Instant Care Saved My Life

My name is Joe Landfield, and I live in the senior community
of Laguna Woods, CA
By now, you may have watched my video, but you still may
think that all these products are the same. Well I’m here to tell
you they are not.

After my life threatening heart attack in October of 2009, if I had not been
on the Instant Care system there’s a good chance I might not be here right now.

Being able to contact an actual RN who could immediately assess my individual situation was truly Life Saving!
The nurse was able to look at my call records, discuss my medical history, and through this was able to
recognize that I had been given a conflicting medicine that was causing my blood pressure to drop.

“That Nurse saved my life, I’m convinced of that”.

I have used other systems and services. The Instant Care system includes both the Personal Nurse Services
and the Emergency Response Service for the same price as the Emergency Response only companies.

There is no way I would ever go back to an Emergency Response only system.

I’m living proof that having unlimited access to registered nurses who knew how to take care of me
personally is why I’m here today. I highly recommend Instant Care!