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About Instant Care's Triage Call Center

The Instant Care Medical Call Center has repeatedly proven to be cost-effective, to reduce inappropriate or unnecessary utilization of healthcare resources, to enhance risk management, and to increase caller satisfaction.

It is our commitment to provide excellent customer service solutions to our clients that fuels our very existence. We realize the two most important areas of investment to accomplish this mission is by recruiting and training exceptional call center staff, and utilizing state of the art technology needed to gather, communicate and track relevant critical caller data in support of our clients’ goals. We are devoted to ensuring that every aspect of our service is designed to deliver a quality experience in a compassionate manner to the caller and a service solution that meets specific objectives for each of our clients.


Our call center is open 24 hours a day, 365 day a year, and partners with 32 hospitals and more than 1,000 physicians in providing access to health information and directing callers to the appropriate level of care. Our services are proven to help clients achieve their goals and improve the quality of life of participating members.

Our Call Center enjoys ongoing, personal working relationships with Dr. Barton Schmitt, author of the pediatric guidelines and Dr. David Thompson author of the adult guidelines used. By partnering with both hospitals and physicians we have been able to provide a service that favors good will towards the hospital from the physician community and sends a more appropriate patient into the necessary level of care.

We can assist customers by providing appropriate care and providing a cost-effective, safe and timely service consisting of utilizing state of the art technologies and an unmatched level of customer support and service.

Access to the Highest Level of Quality Standards in the Industry

Located in the United States for the last thirty years (not outsourced offshore), Instant Care, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical call center services and stands behind this goal by achieving and maintaining accreditation, ongoing evaluation and oversight of services.

Clinical Management Team

Our Management staff is composed of experienced healthcare professionals that provide the focus on quality, clinical practice and the professional approach needed to manage successful call center services. Our management team averages 20 years of healthcare experience. Our clinical management team maintains a high level of dedication towards the goal of maintaining a quality and clinically oriented service.

Excellent Risk Management Record

The Instant Care Call Center has never experienced an incident where a client implied or initiated any litigious concerns during the history of the company. Our Medical Call Center assumes responsibility and liability for all clinical information that is disseminated by our call center’s registered nurses.

Fully HIPAA Compliant

The Instant Care Call Center maintains a comprehensive program and is fully HIPAA compliant.

Language Translation Services

The Instant Care Call Center maintains a bi-lingual staff (English and Spanish).


Instant Care, Inc. realizes that the quality of our service begins with a qualified call center staff. We employee a highly developed training department led by a full time trainer dedicated to provide all aspects of training including clinical structure of service, utilization of software and customer service training.

Initial and On-Going Training

In addition to specified basic skills, an extensive initial training program is provided for clinical staff which includes classroom training, client service training, and customer service training with an emphasis on communication and customer satisfaction discussions. Also, training for each telephone nurse consultant consists of 100 hours of class room, hands-on call center training and continued guidance under a preceptor. Telephone Nurse Consultants are trained on utilization of triage software, policies and procedures, triage guidelines, and view pertinent videos.

A progressive, ongoing training program is in place to ensure continued levels of high performance from call center staff which addresses safety, accuracy, and providing services that leads to caller and client satisfaction. Ongoing in-services are provided based on identification of needs from our quality improvement process, auditing records, and on new or emerging diseases/conditions. Self study, community expert presentations and client presentations as well as fact sheets and internal in-services are conducted. Training is also determined by state nursing requirements/CEUs. In addition, registered nurses also receive training on mental health/suicide threat intervention. This training module includes a review of the standard protocols as well as “General Rules for Medical Crisis Calls” and the “Suicide Intervention Tasks.”

A variety of methods of communication are provided to staff: individual and group learning sessions, staff meetings, educational videos and email. A number of resources are available to provide the expansion of the knowledge and skill base for all call center staff members. In addition, fact sheets are produced and distributed to all Nurse Telephone Consultants for review. These informative sheets provide up to date information on medical conditions, new disease processes and their related symptoms and serve as an additional means of communicating relevant health information to all clinical call staff.

Our telephone representatives and registered nurses are provided with client-specific information that in a profile format that will assist with directing the callers regarding physician standing orders and physician contact preferences. It is our policy to follow the physician’s orders when posted within the profile and the formulary.

Qualified Staff

Our Call Center maintains a credentialing process for all registered nurses. This policy meets the requirements for URAC for the purpose of ensuring that only RNs with current licensure in good standing perform the duties of triage nursing.

Our clinical staff experience includes serving pediatric, adolescent, adult, and senior populations as well as healthcare expertise in a variety of clinical areas such as emergency room, pediatrics, critical care, oncology, cardiology, pulmonary, geriatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and general medicine.

Additional staff qualifications include: