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Instant Care IC 3000

The Model IC3000 console is the newest addition to the Instant Care family of unmatched Personal Emergency Response and Tele-Medical Triage Systems.

This system leverages Instant Care’s patented technology by offering direct connectivity to triage centers as well as emergency response centers at the touch of a button.

The console design is light weight (Under 1.25 lb) and provides an attractive sleek appearance.

Features include:

- Remote programming of all command settings (Reducing trouble calls).

- Replace lost remotes by remote programming and shipped to the client’s home ready to wear (Reducing trouble calls).

- The system offers a 24 hour back up battery to keep the console running during power outages.

- The system provides a “Hyper Listen” mode for enhanced listen-in capability for call center operators when toggling.

- The system offers operators Full Duplex mode for two-way voice communication.

- The Nurse Line button can be set to activate an emergency call when the nurse feature is turned off.

- The IC3000 console provides Braille characters on the Emergency button for the visually impaired.

- The IC3000 console can answer incoming calls by pressing the remote.

- The Console can receive signals from up to 10 wireless transmitters.

- Wireless transmitters (remotes) are water resistant and can be worn in the bath or shower.

- The system is fully UL 1635, UL 1637, FCC Part 15 & FCC Part 68 certified.