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Why Instant Care?

The Instant Care IC2020 is the only patent pending 24 hour Emergency Response device that also offers 24 Hour Nurse Triage. This unique feature helps prevent emergencies before they happen! Our 2-button remote and console system helps safeguard your life!
Over 40% of heart attacks are fatal! “About half of those deaths occur within 1 hour of the start of symptoms and before the person reaches the hospital…The key is seeking medical care as soon as possible.

Fact: Heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies often have early warning signs.
Do you know what they are? Our nurses can tell you!

Fact: In many cases emergencies can be addressed days in advance. Only Instant Care provides emergency response and PREVENTIVE CARE!
Need advice on a bad headache?
Need help for a sore throat?
Feeling uncommon discomfort?
Would you press a button for better health?
Would you press a button to save your life?
Why Instant Care? Because your Life is a Gift worth protecting