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SC Pilot Program SUCCESS!

For the past two years Instant Care and the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) have conducted a Pilot program utilizing the IC3000.

 In the State of South Carolina 3% of the Medicaid population accounted for 34% of all ER costs. On average, this group visited the ER 8 times in an 18 month period. Within this 3% a population was supplied with the Instant Care Tele-Medical device giving them access to Medical Triage 24/7, along with Emergency Services. The results were astounding. 80% of calls to the Medical Triage center resulted in a non-emergency outcome. Close to 40% of the selected population went through a Triage process with an RN; 95% of the population used the device at least once. Due to this success, the SCDHHS is funding a new program in 2014 using the Instant Care device targeting first time mothers and children.

Understanding that the average Usage rate for Nurse Triage is only 1%, SCDHHS found these results remarkable (considering the population selected had never used Nurse Triage services before making health care decisions in the past, but rather “ran to the Emergency Room”). In the study, 99% of the population selected said they would use the Nurse Triage service before making future health care decisions. The Pilot results represents a tremendous behavior change, and signifies a dramatic paradigm shift amongst a population identified as key drivers of ER costs.